Aglaja - a gentle persuasion

Aglaja, meaning "Brilliance", was the youngest of the three Greek goddesses of Charm and Beauty.

We chose this name as the ancient Greeks are well known for their heavenly bathing culture. According to the principle: lean back and enjoy, the Aglaja shower system will leave you feeling brilliant after a relaxing shower massage.

Swiss made

The Aglaja shower system is a Swiss invention. It was designed with the experience and the knowledge of specialists from various fields.

Our products are manufactured in Switzerland using the highest quality materials. Our team as well as the employees of the component suppliers are working with passion on the production of the Aglaja shower system, from Toggenburg over Central Switzerland, from Solothurn to the Bernese Oberland.

An invention from Steffisburg, Switzerland

Bruno Oberli invented and developed the Aglaja shower system.

The shower brush has been tested in several households regarding service, operation, quality and skin tolerance.

Furthermore, Electrosuisse examined the shower system with regard to electromagnetic tolerance and it of course complies with the relevant legal requirements.

That's what our customers say


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